Kids 4 Information

The Kids 4 figure was released on April 13th, 2010. It is available here:

The Kids 4 Base
includes: base only, required for other bundles
The Kids 4 Morphs
includes: morphs++
The Kids 4 Complete
includes: morphs++, Toddler, 15 Pairs of Playing Poses, Sally Mae Hair, Kids 4 Basicwear, Jade for The Kids 4, Josi for The Kids 4, Duke Hair, Skateboarder for The Kids 4, Sweetheart for The Kids 4, 33 Poses for Kids 4 and Kids 4 Chibi
The Kids 4 Pro Bundle
includes: The Kids 4 Complete, Vintage Boy, Vintage Girl, Teensy for The Kids 4, Marissa for The Kids 4, Aryelle Hair, Mark for The Kids 4, Jael Hair, Cowpokes, 15 Couple Poses for Michael 4 and the Kid 4, 15 Couple Poses for Victoria 4 and the Kid 4

The Kids 4 FAQ

Q: None of my morphs are working, what's going on?
A: The Kids 4 figure uses the same EXP technology as V4 and M4. This means that after you install the morphs++ you have to run the script that is installed on your desktop when you install The Kids 4. It also means that the The Kids 4 must be in the same runtime as his morphs (especially in versions before Poser 7). In Poser, if The Kids 4 figure is not in the default runtime, it will still work, but will take a long time to load as Poser searches the default runtime for the EXP files before the secondary runtimes.

Q: Should I install Kids4 in the same runtime as V4/M4?
A: You can but depending from which version of Poser you use it might be not required. Older versions of Poser (Poser 6 and lower) required all ExP figures (V4, M4 and Kids4) to be installed in the same main runtime, while new versions of Poser allow to create a separate runtime for each figure. In latter case, it is a matter of personal preference if you want to put Kids4 into common or separate folder. But it isn't required. Kids 4 is a standalone figure.

Q: Where are all morphs in Morphs++? I found only Heavy and Thin and several navel morphs…
A: The Kids 4 have only 6 official full body morphs: Realistic (in K4 BasE), Chibi (in K4 Base), Dolly (in K4 Base), Heavy (in K4 Morphs++) and Thin (in K4 Morphs++) and The Toddler (as a separate product). There is also only several partial body morphs. So no, you didn't overlook anything in this regard.

Q: What is Chibi?
A: Chibi is a subset of morphs, aimed for anime/doll-like look in Kids4. The set contains two fullbody morphs (Chibi and Dolly) and several head morphs. They are available along with K4 Base as a separate cr2.

Q: Where are the The Kids 4 magnetize poses like the ones V4 had?
A: There are no magnets in The Kids 4's cr2. They are replaced by Joint Control Morphs and therefore you do not need to magnetize the clothing.

Q: Where is Kids 4-Kids 3 (any) figure?
A: DAZ3D has discontinued transition figures. Aiko 4 was the first to drop this feature. M4 and H4 also lack transition figures. The V4 to V3 transition figure also did not have all the features of the V3 to V2 figure.

Q: Can Kid wear M4/M3/V4/V4M/Maddie/Matt clothes?
Short answer: No. To convert clothing to The Kids 4 you can use a Clothing Conversion program like Wardrobe Wizard 2 or CrossDresser.
Long answer: Some pieces of outfit (like skirts, vests, belts) can be scaled down, parented to K4 figure and manually fit over the Kids 4 pose, but it is not an automatical conforming. Poser Dynamic clothes seems to work quite nicely, while it not the same with DS Dynamic clothes.

Q: Can Kids4 wear other figure's haircuts?
Short answer: Yes, with work. Some vendors have offered hair fits for their more popular hair.
Long answer: With some scaling and adjusting of the trans dials and adjustment morphs, you can usually make any hair fit whatever figure you want. Figure hair is more difficult as that is often made to conform to the neck and shoulder body parts - in this case simply parent the haircut to head instead of conforming, as if it is hair prop.

Q: Can Kids use M4/V4 textures?
Short answer: No. Kids have a different mapping, which isn't comparable with neither M4 nor V4 textures. Only Eyes textures can be used as it is.
Long answer: Yes. Free DS3 can swap UV maps between Kids 4 and V4/M4 without any problems.

Q: I tried that UV Mapper trick with swapping of textures but it didn't work. Why?
A: Unfortunately, The Kids 4 figure is unable to swap textures with V4/M4 with a help of UV Mapper. The alternative to this would be to use free Daz Studio to make a proper texture swap, or use premade remapped figures of Kids that can take V4 and M4 UV mapping. As an alternative, you can use RTE remapped objs, available here.

Q: Can Kids 4 use V4/M4 morphs?
Short answer: No.
Long answer: You can use any V4/M4 morphs with Kids if you manage to inject them into mesh. For example, pmd-ed Ultra Morphs from RDNA are working nicely with Kids, once you load pmd into the figure. Borrowed morphs still might not look good enough on Kids with an exception of small values. For ExP-based morphs you can use the freebie here.

Q: Where is a second kid?
A: The Kids4 figure includes both a girl and a boy as the same figure. Morphs and morphforms should be used to make a difference between genders.

Q: What do I do if Kids4 clothes don't have the morphs I need?
A: You can use a utility like Morphing Clothes, a Clothing Conversion program like Wardrobe Wizard 2 or CrossDresser, or magnet sets like Lyrra's Kids 4 Magnets to add morphs that clothes are missing.

Q: Who is Toddler?
A: Kids 4 Toddler is a morph for The Kids 4. He is built for The Kids 4 using the same ExP technology as Morphs++ (which means he must be installed in the same Runtime as the Kids 4 base). Toddler doesn't require any Kids morphpack to work but is notorously known for not working properly in Poser versions prior to 2010 (and even 2010 has some difficulties), therefore considered to be DS-only morph.

Q: Can Toddler 4 wear K4 clothes?
A: Theoretically yes, but due to scaling problems clothes are not always working smoothly with Toddler, even if the outfit has a morph itself.

Q: Those kids are rather young. Where are teenagers, like Luke and Laura?
A: This question was asked at DAZ3D forums

Muon Quark: I am wondering if there will also be one closer to Luke and Laura's age or if the kids will be closer to Matt and Maddie's age?
SKondris: The Kids 4 are supposed to cover the 4-8 yr range, I believe. There will not be any young teens this time around, it didn't make sense for us financially, sorry.

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